The Power of 1 or 2, Inc.

The Power of 1 or 2 Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is committed to empowering, educating, and enhancing the lives of children, young adults, and at risk youth and families by providing them with resources and opportunities.

Our Goals are to:

  • Promote Education
  • Construct Positive Relationships With at Risk Youth
  • Raise Awareness, Support, and Funding for Organizations that Provide Support to at Risk Youth and their Families
  • Encourage Positive Recreational Activities
  • Create Scholarships for Pursuit of Higher Education

Our Board Members:

  • Blaise Taylor, Co-Founder and President
  • Starr Taylor, Co-Founder and Vice President
  • Pearl Jackson, Treasurer
  • Dr. Evi Taylor, Secretary
  • Pastor Jamar Andrews
  • Governor Mike Beebe
  • Dr. Kim Wilbanks
  • Grace Henry
  • Veronica Jackson
  • Trooper Taylor
  • Irma Rivera-Fuentes

Social Media: